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Lake Arenal Costa Rica Information

Lake Arenal in Costa Rica was expanded in 1978 flooding several small towns. A 50 square mile, pristine fresh water lake high in the cool tropical mountains of Central America is one of the premier real estate and touristic destinations in Costa Rica. The lake arenal area is home to wakeboarding tours, fly fishing, windsurfing, kiteboarding, saling, bicycling, horse riding, birding, gardening and just about any outdoor activity except skiing that you can think of.

Lake Arenal provides a consistent year round temperature of about 82 degrees F. Good eating Rainbow Bass, known locally as Guapote, are native to Arenal lake and fun to catch. Several fishiing tours are available to enjoy fishing on Lake Arenal. The west end of Lake Arenal in Costa Rica is also one of the top five spots in the world for windsurfing and kiteboarding.

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Lake Arenal has a great climate and lush mountainous topography, with rivers, waterfalls, volcanos and hot springs. The ample rainfall and numerous rivers give it a cool but lush tropical annual ambiance known for its unique exotic and diverse flora and fauna. This area is truly an undiscovered gem of planet earth, yet conviently close to beaches and San Jose, the capitol city of Costa Rican life.

Property taxes in Costa Rica are low, compared to modern countries like the United States.

Tourism is the engine that fuels the Costa Rican economy and is up over 500% in the last 10 years alone. The Government is responding with new and better roads and new and improved airports to fuel this tremendous tourist boom the entire country is experiencing.

Three and a half hour drive from San Jose, or two hours from Liberia International Airport, the Lake Arenal region will remind you of many other beautiful places in the world. Now lovingly called The Lake Tahoe of Costa Rica.

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